We are in strategic partnership with most renowned brands and products in the market who extends principal support for successful projects execution. A variety of products and services let our clients customize according to their IT needs and challenges. At IT Republican, let us drive you with one window solution to make hassle free infrastructure in your organization.


A variety of options are available all belongs to SMB and Enterprise class desktop machines including DELL, Lenovo, and Apple. All after sales services and support is locally available for part replacement and maintenance of these brands. When a limit for customization is defined in international technology brands, we provide alternate solutions available in domestic brands. Many variants are offered in desktop solution such as Mini Tower, Micro Tower, All in One, High end workstations, and Micro PCs.

With so many portable computing devices, it can be easy to forget the advantages of truly powerful electronics like desktop computers; however, desktops have distinct advantages over laptops, notebooks and tablets. After strong deliberations on all sides, we came to agreement that desktop computers still have a strong demand and real role to play in organizations many reasons because the tablet may be ultra-mobile, the laptop may be convenient, but neither have the processing power, the storage capacity, and the software functionality of a desktop computer. When you absolutely, positively, need to compute, a desktop is the best solution.


With number of experts onboard, we analyze and customize server machines according to customers’ need. With DELL PowerEdge server series, we let your infrastructure stay up to date with Tower and Rackmount servers. Certified engineers of support team works closely to resolve all hardware related issues. A server runs a specialized operating system designed to support many users. It’s engineered to run multiuser applications such as email, messaging, and print servers; shared calendar programs; databases; and enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software.

A server also makes it easy for your employees to share data and collaborate, since it operates as a central repository for all of your documents, images, contacts, and other important files. It can host a company intranet, for sharing information with your employees quickly and economically. Set up a virtual private network, and you and your employees can access the data on the server remotely from anywhere you have Internet access. On top of that, a server can automatically back up your desktop and laptop systems, so you’ll never lose critical data if one machine fails or is lost or stolen. Servers are designed to be reliable, secure, and fault-tolerant, with redundant storage options. If you expect your business to expand, choose a server that’s scalable and can grow with you


Setting up a network in small and medium business can add more benefits in internal communication and data security. Organizations’ information cannot be leave on stake and a proper SMB network solution is important to conduct daily business activities. Companies are even going toward small private cloud via networks to access basic information of day to day tasks. This build value addition to the overall business performance and efficiency with less probability of lack in business continuity.

IT Republican can help your business in managing small network with all necessary equipment required. We also provide consultancy for network equipment and help you in designing suitable network infrastructure according to your business need. With the variety of renowned and cost effective networking brands, a network is no more a rocket science for small and medium business.


We all know we can connect a USB External Hard Drive to our computer and immediately create additional storage for data or backup, but when it comes to efficient data management, there is perhaps a better way… to use Network Attached Storage or NAS for short. With a NAS solution, you can quickly and simply store and share your music, videos, images and other files in one convenient location.

External Hard Drives are a great way to quickly and conveniently create additional storage via a simple USB connection to your computer. However such devices are often restricted to use at the specific computer to which they’re connected and by the specific person using that computer. All good and well, but what if you need to share the content and files? The answer lies in Network Attached Storage. Instead of connecting directly to an individual desktop or laptop computer, a NAS server connects to your wireless router. This effectively allows multiple users from multiple computers to access and share the content and files stored on it. Just one copy of your files, in one accessible place.

Printers & Supplies

The printer is a device that is sometimes taken for granted yet it provides unlimited useful and helpful benefits to our lives and has become more like a utility in any organization considering most important part for any kind of documentation. One of the reasons that printers are so easily over looked these days is because of the low cost and replacing a printer. These machines have become largely mass-produced and highly affordable, and as is usually the case when something is inexpensive, its importance is sometimes overlooked. It is true that we print everything from resumes, to garage sale flyers in today's busy world. Most people would be at quite a loss if, for example, they did not have access to their printer for even just a few short days.

At IT Republican we offer several printers options from entry level printer to high level enterprise printers and plotters. This includes all kind of printers widely used in corporate sector such as multi-function printers, laser color printers, laser mono printers, wireless printers, and large format printers. Even in case of electronic communication, printed records are still important. A lot of older databases are now unavailable because the systems that were used to compile them are now obsolete and the hardware and software needed to access them are no longer available.

Power Management

The business continuity is so important in this era that even a minute downtime is not acceptable. Power issues has been increasing and there is no other options for desktops other than equipped with proper UPS that can bear sufficient load and provide enough backup time to the user to save work.

For operational ease, we offer multiple solutions of power management mainly in UPS for small and medium businesses. It’s always better taking necessary measures for smooth operations keeping the Go Green concept as a good corporate citizen.


No hardware is of any use unless it is accompanied with software solution. Systems software includes operating system and the associated programs, which enable systems and computers to work. It provides the foundation for the infrastructure software that links and manages hardware, networks, and software together.

We offer primarily client computing software such as Microsoft software licensing that includes operating system, Microsoft office suites, and Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution. Adding further variety of anti-virus software are offered such as Kaspersky and Symantec. Also some applications such as adobe reader, adobe suits, WinRAR are also part of portfolio.

Other than software and application licensing. We offer ERP application system for small and medium businesses to conduct daily business operations. There are several modules available in the ERP system including Inventory Management System, Sales Management System, Procurement Management System, Accounts and Finance, Payroll Management System, Biometric Attendance & Leave Management System, Human Resource Management System all with user management rights and IP lock facility.

Repair & maintenance

Maintenance is no less than one of the most critical area of IT infrastructure and it gives optimized performance in any equipment. IT Equipment can produce a considerable amount of heat. As such, inadequate cooling of a PCs components can shorten their lifespan, degrade their performance, and even cause a computer to stop functioning completely until proper cooling is restored. Over time, dust and other airborne particles can build up inside the computer, reducing the effectiveness of its cooling systems. That’s why regular cleaning is necessary.

Many organizations ignore the matter of fact that maintenance increase the health and life of the equipment when it is executed on regular basis, for instance quarterly or twice a year. IT Republican offers preventive maintenance and repairing services on all IT Equipment via team of certified engineers and make sure the satisfaction of end user after the work has done. The prominence of computer repair and preventive maintenance ensures the overall health of the system that you depend on every day for most of your activities.


We are one of the prime names in providing rental services for desktops and laptops in corporate sector. From corporate conference of temporary office to training and dedicated academic sessions, business class notebooks rental should always be the first choice. IT Republican offers multiple solutions to meet your computer rental needs, our highly skilled experts understands all types of business categories. With a history of well executed projects, we’ve become a reputable name in offering such services. Companies and institutes who are planning for workshops or dedicated academic sessions can count on us for managing user load.

Apart of the preconfigured notebooks, we can tailor the applications on rental device to best fit your needs. We also have a variety of peripherals available for rent including monitors, keyboards, and headphones. Our proven reliability, depth of product selection and exceptional service throughout the computer renting experience make the difference. Our aim is to let you focus on core business that really matters and serve you with competitive quality – this secret allow us to retain customers for years to come

Graphics Designing

Whether it’s hardware, software, or designing servers IT Republican kept the horizon of information technology to next level by offering everything on one platform so our customer feel free with one window solution. Graphic Design gives your Company a Face and Visual Presentation that just by looking at it you have a feeling and mental positioning in mind on the product. As the global market shrinks with the ever growing reach of technology the need for that eye catching graphic becomes more and more valuable to a business.

With international standard designing and branding services, IT Republican has a dedicated department that offers complete packages ranging from website designing and development to application designing and a complete wardrobe of branding required for SMBs and Large enterprise. Our experts in designing services will give you a comfort zone you’ve been looking for and assist you with all possibilities to make your name a Brand. Your corporate identity can highlight your competitive advantage and tell potential clients how you do business and why they should choose you. Utilizing professional graphic designs can be an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business.

Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories are daily to use items in any information technology department and fall in user management category. The toughest challenge in any organization is smooth day to day IT operations that ultimately increase productivity of end users. We offer one window solution for all kinds of parts and accessories belongs to desktop, laptops, servers, networks, and printing services.

Organizations might take this category for granted but facilitating internal users without glitches is a great deal and has a direct impact on business performance. We let you feel free from any hitch and arrange required parts in desired period of time. Our support staff is always ready to assist your end users so you can focus on core technology infrastructure.


Laptops are offered in several variants such as rugged, ultra-thin light weight, convertibles, 2-in-1, gaming rigs, and even portable mobile workstations. However, all kind of laptops can be categorized in two major segments; Business and Consumer. Business laptops are expected to remain in service much longer than consumer notebooks, and they’re expected to withstand at least a little rough handling. As such, they’re usually fabricated from stronger material—aluminum or magnesium, for instance—and they feature more rugged construction. We offer mainly DELL and Lenovo laptops and tabs with complete local support from Principal. Mobility in computing has been emerging at highest growth rate in few years that’s why we always take care of clients’ need and offer variety line of products from home user laptop to mobile workstation in petroleum fields.

Gradually, smart tablets have become an essential part in many industries and are widely used by cooperate sector. Plenty of business is conducted on tablets daily, from work email to reviewing and editing office documents, to using sales and medical apps. Still, heavy-duty work, like the creation of large spreadsheets and presentations, is better done on laptops. If you don’t do such tasks, a tablet may suffice.


Our core intention is to enable customers with best technology solutions and make technology available for everyone.


We want to surge the value of IT Republican and our portfolio of extended products by surpassing customers' experience in quality services and accomplishing market leadership in every segment of our company.


Our values is leading technology best-in-class service & support for better customer satisfaction. We’ve been achieving phenomenal reputation in the past and look for the glory in future. We don’t believe in vendor oriented approach and prefers to be a technology partner of the customer.

Habib University

At Habib University, we adapt new and innovative initiatives in every area. Conducting online admission test of around 400 students on computer system was a big challenge. Here is when IT Republican got onboard and helped us achieving the goal via dedicated team of professionals.

Alidad Shah, Deputy Manager Administration

Sindh High Court

Initially I was not sure if IT Republican has sufficient strength to fulfill the criteria of becoming a good vendor but things has transformed rapidly and IT Republican has fall in few best vendors who satisfy all customer needs. These guys can deliver from consumable items to core end user computing devices.

Arif Khan, Hardware Manager

Pakistan Petroleum Limited

IT Republican is one stop shop for IT solution with outstanding customer service. The response to problems is always very fast, resolved quickly. They been professional, efficient and offer good solutions.

Bilal Nazir, Deputy Business Analyst
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